Giving Back

     Since our start 2007, New Jammies has given back in various ways including donations of New Jammies to various non-profits and participation in many charitable benefits and events.   We love contributing to our local community as well and nationally to groups that share our vision for creating a healthy world for our children.    Our motto, Eat Right, Play Right, Sleep Tight, summarizes the three components we believe are essential to creating healthy habits, environment, and well being for our children. 

    In light of the recent pandemic, we realize now more than ever that protecting mental health in children is of the utmost importance.   Reducing toxins in our environment, eating a healthy diet, exercising, and creating a great sleep routine can all contribute to a child's mental well being, but often times there needs to be more assistance.

    The Child Mind Institute is the leader in the field of children's mental health providing resources for parents to address a myriad of mental health and learning disorders.  The Child Mind Institute continues to advance the science of the developing brain to improve diagnosis and treatment and to provide critical care where needed most.   With telehealth, they are now able to reach out to more families than ever.    The ultimate goal is for children to grow up and reach their full potential in school and life.   

    We see that as our goal as well and we plan to donate 5% of all New Jammies and Open World Mask purchased at to this amazing nonprofit.    You can feel good knowing your purchase is continuing to improve the health and lives of children.