Play Right: Fun Family Activities Around the Campfire

As most of us are enjoying the summer at home with our families, it's nice to switch up the nightly routine every once in a while. A great way to spend a warm Summer night is by the campfire! We've compiled a list of fun family activities you can enjoy around the fire.

Sing Campfire Songs

Most kids' campfire songs are easy to follow and have a repetitive chorus--not to mention, they can help kids learn valuable lessons in an easy way.

"Repeat After Me" Songs are quite popular and a great way to introduce your kids to a song! The leader of the group sings a line from the song and the rest of the group sings it back.

Action Songs are also a fun way to help kids learn the lyrics. All you have to do is add some arm motions to match the lyrics. Have your kids help create the motions to get in on the fun!

Singing in Rounds is another singing activity that will get your kids involved. Everyone sings the same song but starts at a different time to create a unique tune.

Here are some popular campfire songs to check out:

Make Homemade Instruments

There are plenty of household items that can double as parts of an instrument! Here are a few ideas.

Homemade instrument for campfire

All you need to make homemade CD Cymbals are two CDs and two pieces of fabric to loop through the CD holes. It might not make the same exact noise, but it still makes a satisfying "clack"!

Homemade instrument for campfire

The didgeridoo is one of the oldest instruments ever--and you can make it right at home! You'll just need a paper towel or toilet paper roll and some paint to give it some extra flare.

homemade instrument for campfire

Use your recyclables to make a maraca! Kids will love shaking these while they sing their favorite campfire songs.

Learn Through Play

The best part about musical activities around the campfire is that your child will be learning while they have fun! Music has been shown to impact child development and benefit children of all ages.

When younger kids practice singing and playing simple instruments, it improves intellectual, social-emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy. Not to mention, music brings everyone joy--especially during times of uncertainty.

In the end, there is no downside to bringing children and music together!