Play Right, Eat Right: Fall Into Fun Craft Projects!

    As soon as the air starts to crisp and leaves begin to turn, I feel the urge to capture the last moments of growth and beauty before a blanket of snow settles in for the winter.   The colors are so fleeting, but we love to celebrate the honey, ginger, crimson, spice, and amber hues that surround us into the last days of November.   Let's hit the trail to bring nature inside with these fun craft projects. 


I love this table center piece as a creative project you can do with even your youngest children.   Hiking and collecting the leaves is the perfect outdoor activity for a fall day, but then with a little modge podge and balloons you can enjoy your bounty well into the holidays.   Visit Mud and Bloom for this inspiring craft project.

Autumn Leaf Bowl


Crabapple Sauce or Jelly

      These little gems are often overlooked as an ornamental beauty.   We revel in their springtime blooms and admire their autumn berries.   So small and sour, we often neglect to find interest in picking them like a traditional apple, but they can vary in sweetness and their natural pectin makes them wonderful for jellies.   What could be more fun than picking a fall harvest in your own yard? (or perhaps a friendly neighbors?)   The kids loved picking, helping to stem, mill, and of course taste testing.  Grow a Good Life guides us to making the most of these tiny ruby reds. 

Crabapple Jelly




If crabapple sauce is more in line with your tastes, simply run the soften crabapples through a food mill.  Add sweetener (we used local Colorado honey) or spices to your liking.   With a little more time and patience crabapple sauce can also be converted to crabapple butter (Champagne Tastes) or crabapple leather (Joybilee Farm)

Free Style Fall Art

Simply meander outside finding fall flowers, leaves, twigs, berries and more to bring a little bit of nautre into your home.   Kids love being creative with found objects and turning them into art lets you enjoy them a little longer.    Leaf rubbings are also a fun way to admire the intricacies of their finds in these ideas shared by alpha mom.

Fall Art


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