Eat Right: Kids gardening makes for healthy summer eating

New Jammies Pea Welcome to New Jammies new blog spot! At New Jammies, we live by the mantra, “Eat right, play right, sleep tight.” This blog is our chance to share the latest on kids’ nutrition, playtime, and bedtime/sleeping trends. We encourage information sharing and networking between our parents, families and caregivers who want to do the best for our next generation of little ones.

This summer, we hope everyone is enjoying a fun summer with the season’s freshest fruits and vegetables, from garden to table. Kids love to learn, and home gardening is a great way to teach them about healthy eating habits, whole foods, and nature’s bounty. Plant the garden in the spring with the kids to teach them how to have a green thumb early on – and go from there.

In the summer months, encourage kids to be a part of the cultivating and harvesting with the adults. This will teach patience, responsibility and a sense of pride for starting something from scratch and watching it grow.

For those new to horticulture, the Internet is a treasure trove of information on youth gardening. The site is a perfect start to learn how family gardening can make a difference in a child’s life. On the site, there are family gardening activities, a garden guide, how-to projects and videos, and even a parents’ primer. July’s featured resource focuses on growing plants that attract butterflies. And we all know kids are fascinated when they see butterflies in action. They not only learn about flowers and plants, but specific science involving insects, i.e., pollination, life cycles and stages, and the interdependence of butterflies and plants.

There’s coaching on easy-to-grow nectar plants, butterfly garden seed collections and more. These Top 5 Tips for Gardening with Kids! are helpful in guiding parents and caregivers through youth gardening. A quick in-person visit to your local gardening center or home improvement store also is a hands-on approach to encouraging a love of gardening in kids. Helpful gardening specialists can answer questions and involve kids in the decision-making process of building a beautiful, healthy garden that can feed a family all year long.

Help create interest by equipping the kids with their own tools and accessories – such as tiny gardening gloves, watering cans and knee pads — so they really feel a part of the process. Encourage visiting and maintaining the garden as a daily activity, and, most importantly, make sure it’s fun.

Healthy eating habits and lifestyles are learned from producing home-grown, all-natural foods from scratch. Eating right leads to sleeping tight, and our 100-percent organic New Jammies products can help kids be passionate about good health and the environment. We believe in teaching the next generation how to improve our communities to be more sustainable and to respect Mother Earth. Who could ask for more?

Have a safe and happy summer!

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